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Childhood Confessions Childhood Confessions

Rated 2 / 5 stars


this had the potential to be something great, but instead you resorted to tired toilet humor. next time, look alittle bit further than the bathroom for your material. and get a real kid's voice cause this one sounds constipated and retarded.

The Gonk At 1AM The Gonk At 1AM

Rated 4 / 5 stars

short and to the point

i don't quite really know why but this was great. a quick punch line and that's all that was needed. didn't see it coming! and i can't really stand all the harry potter craze so that helped alot too. awesome. thanks.

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EvilBerryClock responds:

thank you kindly for the review

Baghdad Basketball Baghdad Basketball

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

A great cartoon, but..

On a personal note, I didn't dig the blatant stereotyping. Yeah, it's a joke and yeah, you're making fun of the media's portrayal of blacks and Iraqis, but pointing the finger at the media is the oldest trick in the book. Media shmedia. The media shows us what we want to see. Sad but true. And this cartoon functions as a form of media, so that would mean that you're making fun of yourselves? Not quite.

I'm no fan of the NBA nor do I agree with basketball players pursuing thuggish rap careers more intensely than they chase loose balls. So you'd think that I would've found this more funny than offensive, but that wasn't the case. It's just too heavy handed. I've seen your other cartoons, and they have the same style.

This is far from a flame, though. It's a review. So, that being said, (and on a technical note), I feel that your comedic timing is off at certain parts. Either the one-liners are said too quickly or you don't give enough of a pause between funny segments. That kind of bam-bam delivery keeps the audience constantly on the defense, always trying to stay alert for the next joke without being able to fully enjoy the after-effect of the previous one. The drawings are top-notch, but I would recommend more "camera angles." This one didn't suffer from that problem as much as the Cheeleading one did. Sure, these guys are all behind a bar/counter, but if they turn to eachother, it's ok to switch perspective. That adds to the moment, instead of keeping the audience at a static distance. For your climax, I don't think killing off the American team (though they be "rogue thugs") with an Iraqi suicide bomber was the best choice for a climax. Especially since it looked like he even may have survived. That's a fitting end to some kind of films, but not a comic one.

All in all, good luck with your series and your website. Hope your time here at NG gets you the kind of attention your work deserves.


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Shotgun - Defend the Flag Shotgun - Defend the Flag

Rated 4 / 5 stars

a thrill

i loved what you did with this. good job with the actionscript. the only suggestion i have is a soundtrack. go to the audio portal and get some!

besides that, the game rocked. loved your style too.

Squeeby Killer Squeeby Killer

Rated 4 / 5 stars

very nice

my favorite was the scream before the duck attack. the magnet death ran a close second. the only thing i would say to improve this would be to have the dude's legs sway back and forth on the hang. also, the burned head could've faded to ashes. but anyways this was great.